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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

sekilas info

Hellew hellewww...and Salam~~

1 month, 1 week and 1 day (as of tomorrow)... I'm nervous gillleeeerrrrrrrrrr!!!! Dear fiancé pun started practising "Aku terima nikahnya......" every now and then, whilst I kept on thinking and checking my planner whether I've done this and that sudah. So far, like I've said before ... everything is doing alright. Semua masani decision making saja ni.. which I'm very poor at but the gud news is~~ I have already found the look for my berbedak and sanding pelamin!!! Sama sajalh...just slightly different from pelamin Nikah. I'm trying to save $$ for something else *hee-hee* Something for dear fiancé (ssshhhh!!) .. hopefully I could get it *winks*

All the stress from work and at home.. timbul jerawat di muka ah... macam, aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ada jerawaaatttt!!!!! And my only antidote is coffee. Yes, I need my coffee. My stress reliever, seriously!!! I've been on my no coffee diet since the past few months (tpi kdg2 mnyampati jua membali Mochachino @ Cz *lol* I knoooowwww~~~~)... which reminds me, if any of yous belum lgi try the ice blended irish coffee from Matadoe, then you should! you must! it's a must!!! (for coffee lovers lh yea~) nyaman kli ah~ *gulps* sesiapun eh... *sigh* Will have one before my wedding nanti... kira..umm hadiah for me, myself and I~

Oh btw, distribution of invitation cards has commenced!!! *winks* Dearest Dad pun sudah ingul2, "for ur friends.. type and process tia awal2, then giv it to them..." (will do~ will do~)
Sambil2 duduk2 ceta sama Dad, we talked about the Man yang menurunkan Pengantin (groom). Apparently, bukan calang2 jua yg menurunkan pengantin ani~ Same like Penganguns, dorg ani protects the Groom from any outside 'interference' as you would call it.. krg mcm arh movie Labu Labi (semua org pengsan... Na'uzubillah~) Dad told me how dulu2, yg membawa the groom ani would be org beilmu karas, so strong sampai ayam melintas tempat laluan Pengantin pun bleh pengsan and mati selajur!! *Whaatt??*

Dad : "Asta... nda pecaya ni. Ada lgi pernah masa c ****** kawin dlu, dorg bearak kai rakit kn tu... nada payah pengayuh~~"

Me & Sis : "whoaaa.. cool!!!! Andang turun temurun kh.. or mesti org yg terpilih sja kna ajar tu?"

Dad : "Org2nya yg ada tokoh lh saja tu.... nanti betanya arh Angah mu, nda plg rajin betanya Babah ani, tpi it's good to share knowledge kn?"

Me & Sis : *smiles*

So like, di rumah yang menjaga tani the Penganguns (until the bride and groom disandingkan) while the groom double th plg tu... Pengangun jua, yg menurunkan (Penjaga) ani jua. In the olden days, sampai mematahkan (by stomping) buluh lgi tu before masuk ke rumah Pengantin Bini. I have yet to ask my Dad why before bersanding atu, pengantin kna suruh tiup a series threads and candle atu ah.... is it because it marks the end of our single life or apa? Anyone can tell me? Cos I never seen the rituals being donne before for both of my sisters... pardon me for being absentminded about this thing yeah~ Maybe I can ask my Pengangun (who is now confirmed to be my aunt, mum's 2nd cousin) about this.. then bleh lh tell you lots.. tapi lama jua lgi tu, so can you all please ask your penganguns (yg kan kawin soon ani) apa gunanya meniup lilin atu? And why the "Pusing Naga"?

My head ayong2 sudah...mata pun layu~ *yawns* think I should take my zZZzZzz now...
Until my nxt entry (hopefully end of this week)


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