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Sunday, 21 June 2009

just another Sunday morning

Today marks to be THE day for 3 ppl I know...
  1. future sis-in-law (Solemnization Ceremony today)
  2. one of my gfs (Engagement)
  3. office friend (Sanding) - different branch
Right about now I'm still weighing the thought of whether to attend (2) & (3) or just (1). Macam, mun dpt d tampik badan ani bsai bh ni..

But anyways, I'll ponder on that one as I typed my following entry. Was planning to post my 'Wedding Must Shots' but I seem to have too much info to squeeze into one, so edit2 dlu lah yea~ My bedset was fixed into my room last Friday, and oh, oh, oh was I really excited!! :D Sapa inda kan?? I know I've mentioned to few that I cudn't fit the bedside table to yeh, the bedside.. apparently Friday evening atu dpt kami usahakan *lol* I was knackered that i even fell asleep infront of my lappy while on the phone with dear fiancé *tsk*tsk* shame on me!!

The process of having to get all my stuffs back into my room can be tiresome... so far, ehe, I only got the tiny hanger being put next to my wardrobe *lol* need to do my 2nd session of jualan lelong ni... i.e. giving away my clothes to my relatives. My aunties byk dh aim dorg with my baju kurung *lol* Cali bh dorg ah... Oh dear, I shud be putting on names for my invitation cards.. banyak kan d bagi ne today *I hope*... and yes, I decided to attend (2) & (3) ... as for (1)? will attend the Sanding ceremony next week :D :D

Semoga Berkekalan Bahagia Hingga Ke Akhir Hayat

and to Z & A,
Semoga Berkekalan Hingga Ke Jinjang Pelamin
(as my mum said to me, "ko mo betunang saja forever kan??.. sampai pelamin lah.. then dh kawin, baru th 'sampai akhir hayat'....!!" kana sebiji leh Mummy.. hehehe love u Mum~)

Will uplooad the pics later today.. Insya-Allah~

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