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Saturday, 27 June 2009

check, check!

My wedding is just a month away~ *let’s just skip the 5 days shall we?* So it’s time to review the checklist…

1. Acquire Borang 4 (Borang for JuruNikah) – dearest aunty will help me out
2. Balasan Hantaran – got almost everything, tinggal antr for deco ja lgi
3. Baju2an… for Nikah - OK , Bebadak – OK and Muleh 7 – OK (I’d say it’s pretty much simple.. banar!)
4. Invitations – slowly being distributed
5. Doorgifts = for Nikah – OK, Bebadak, Menculiki dan Dzikir – OK, Sanding (Adults and Kids) – OK
6. Baju Sanding (50% ready)
7. Rental of accessories – Confirmed!
8. Dian 4 and Lapik Nikah – Confirmed!
9. Rental for Pelamin (3 events) & Basuh Kaki – Confirmed!
10. Flower bouquet - Confirmed!
11. Driveway Deco – Confirmed!
12. Staircase Deco – t.b.c. (to be confirmed~)
13. Catering – Confirmed!
14. Pengangun – Confirmed!
15. Gulingtangan – Confirmed!
16. Make-Up – trial soon~ (one of d weekdays)
17. P.A System (for Nikah & Dzikir) – Confirmed!

That’s not too bad right? Basically everything is ready..tinggal following up and constant reminders to all like gulintangan, make-ups, P.A System, photog and decorators ja laGi :D :D Oh btw, need to prepare a list for my berians ne.. checklist! Checklist!!

With that, I end today’s rants… nyaman sulnya mliat my cat tdo ah..kn tdo th plg jua hehehehehe!! Another tales coming up soon~ take care all..

p/s: d Sanding ceremony for future sis-in-law will be tomorrow.. I’m nervous. This will be my 1st time meeting the whole fam .. and I mean, WHOOOOLLEEEE family of my dear fiance.. *bitenails* Wish me luck???

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