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Friday, 12 June 2009

... atas tarikh~

I was running through the checklist for my wedding preps today...
  • Kursus Nikah - got the 4 chops already!! Yippee~~ (the chops would be the attendance chops) Was a very interesting course indeed.. *smiles*
  • Borang for Jurunikah - to get my Aunt's help with that since she works @ Pej. Ugama.
  • Pelamin - design(s) decided, need to choose lapik nikah and dian 4
  • Invitation cards - ready for distribution, process commence next week (after Tuesday)
  • Bedset - to get them delivered this Friday a.m. cos I hav to do fittings for bju nikah, bebadak and Muleh 7 in the p.m
  • Flooring - done~~~ lawa kli ah!!! I like~~ I thank YE20 for this.. *thumbsup*
the finished work for my room extension, the wardrobe can go here
and yes, the finishing touch of my laminated flooring... At first, Mum was not happy about the chosen colour but now she's alright :)

  • Curtains and bedsheets - July
  • Catering - confirmed
  • Baju (Nikah) - done
  • Baju (Bebadak & Muleh 7) - fitting next Friday .. *yay*
  • Baju (Sanding) - killer!!! Embroidery done, manik and jahit belum.. tpi keren kan~ *lol* Even dear fiancĂ© 's one pebaik th nda berembroidered pun the beading works looks gorgeous sudah! ---- **note to my ladies, SILVER ah!!!! (tho I know they will change it regardless *lol* look what happened last tym when one of us got married.. kana suruh maroon jdi warna gold hahahahha that was funny~)
  • family uniforms - distributed
  • Pengangun - t.b.c
  • Photog and Make-Up - confirmed, pretty nervous with my MuA tho cos I've never seen her work for weddings before but I think she can do well. A sister's word is worth trusting, right? Cos my sis yg recommend hehehehhe Remember dear.. ur work will be posted up here~
... so far so good I must say~ another wedding to attend this weekend... but this time, with dear fiancé :) :) :)

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