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Thursday, 11 June 2009

... just my rants

A short update from me so as to tell everyone that yes, I'm still sane. Preparation is going on smooth *Alhamdulillah* dearest fiancé has gotten 3/4 of his Invitation cards ready, reason being... the 1/4 got smudged? For whatever reason I don't know.. prolly ada ink spillage arah the printer (thinking positive here) For his side of the family senang sikit cos got list sudah from my future sis-in-law's guest list (her big day's end of the month..) buyuk kan? Tinggal mikirkan name lists for his friends saja lagi...

As for mine? they're ready to be distributed sudah.. hehe~ My closest friends have got theirs' and a few of my juniors... still need to give some prolly by this weekend *Insya-Allah* tinggal sikit2 saja kan menambah2 and yes, the office... will get the invitation cards out early July nanti insya-Allah... I am still thinking of the pelamin theme for our events.. prolly will use the same pelamin saja for the 3 events, play with the lighting and deco saja... amacam? should be ok, no?... pening, pening, peningggg~~~~

I will most definitely go over to my tailor's boutique this p.m to check on things.. oh yes, which reminds me.. I need to call the furniture to arrange for furniture delivery. since flooring will be done this Friday... payah bh, my only free times are Fridays and Sundays... macam haaaaaaiiihhhh~~~ I have to check my baju lgi, confirm pelamin lgi, Dad will nego my Sanding day catering this Saturday so that should be ok... for Nikah and bebadak catering..it'll be catering kg saja... makanan kg kli ah nyum2!!!

My room.. I need to, clean my 'chandelier' before the furniture comes in (mesti berkilat kilau2an... it's a 24 yrs old chandelier...classy~!) sudah atu baru th I get the furniture delivered then installation of bedroom curtains and bedsheets.. would want them properly fixed into my room latest 3 weeks before the big day .. yes (just to ventilate ..bau baru~~) I want my room bau air freshener saja or maybe some fresh flowers nanti ah... ?? hmmmm we'll see... ada saja caranya tu! Yatah macam now.. it's mid-June sudah.. I have to get all those done in 3 weeks.. nope inda banyak masa??

Delivery for sanding doorgifts was yesterday.. yatah family room kami packed with boxes masani... macam org baru pindah rumah th jua usulnya *lol* my oh my..... 'factory processing time th lgi tu.. but that'll be in July lh.. *sigh* speak of which need to apply for leave ni nanti.. I'm gonna take a loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggg break.... don't know what the plan cos everyweekend of my leave atu mmg my wedding functions saja from Nikah aaaaall the way to Muleh 7 hari... so probably will definitely try to squeeze in some short honeymoon-ing in between. When there's a will, there's a way kan???

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