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Sunday, 7 June 2009

the dream pelamin...

First and foremost,


This little Bride-to-Be is wishing them both a happy wedded life sehingga ke akhir hayat.. Insya-Allah *Amin* She looks so lawa today.. and I was told that the pelamin and hall decorations was from Roz Flower Boutique. *Ooh la la~* Mesti drop by kesana ni nanti... *errr* we'll see...~ All this week ani sudah I've been thinking about pelamin, pelamin, pelamin... mcm heeeyyy~ I already got mine booked what??! Slots booked but pelamin not confirmed... hehehe cos I promised the Pelamin boutique owner that I'll be coming over lgi sometime in June.. and now, yeah it's June!!! *winks*

Went to the place with dear fiancé last Thursday and my God, both of us were most definitely enchanted by this new dais design yg the place offer!!! Yg kami banar2 mau ada ani baaahhhh..... *gasp* Macam past few night we were discussing to change our pelamins due to *ahem* running out of ideas on how to redecorating them.. and instead we both set ourselves on admiring the few new pelamins I surfed on the Net.. mcm aaaaarrgghhh WE WANT THAT!!! We want ours to looks simple but yet still soothing and elegant to look at? Cemana tu ah.... The other day was like hmmm... we want this but kain mesti ani...no, no, no not chiffon..kainnya mesti some sort of satin cemani?? dpt kh tu???.. I was like, whoaaa~ kami ani demanding kh? *lol* Well, honestly speaking we're most definitely trying to get what we want as close as how we want them...pebaik th inda exact? Eh no.. mesti exact bit with a twist hehehe

I always wanted a white pelamin with roooossseeesss~~ Yes, it's the IN thing masani I guess... Roses, I mean, mcm byk sudah but both me and dear fiancé wanted the same thing for our pelamin with a twist ofcourse.. yatah kami ani~ ... He's like 'Sayang.. if ada pelamin ani d Brunei, it's gonna be WOW tu..' And since we found it at the shop where we rent ours'.. maka dengan itu, diisytiharkan pertukaran booking bagi pelamin mempelai Raja dan Ratu Sehari ini... *lol* I'm trying to combine 2 designs ormaybe 3 designs in one..

I would wanna have the elegant one,
but with less greens...
(picture courtesy of AkadNikah.com)

added with a bit of gold frame.... sikiiiit aja...
(courtesy of UcingItam.com)

and yet still look as simple as this? ok no?
(courtesy of a M'sian site.. hehe)

Hmmmm, me and dear fiancé is still trying to figure out on how to create our wedding dais.... tunggu dan lihat, I'm pretty sure we've gathered banyak ideas dh by surveying looottss of pelamin pics *hehe* It's only a matter of whether I want my pelamin sama saja for the 3 events (Nikah, Berbedak and Sanding) OR Nikah lain, Berbedak & Sanding sama? So tell me.. what's ur pick?? Sama or different??


  1. ur third picture of pelamin is EXACTLY like wat i want. i also have dat picture in my collections... been dreaming of dat pelamin since early dis year... n my wedding will be early next year. i wonder by d time it reach January 2010..byk tia kali org makai udah.. hopefully nada byk lah org yg taste nya like us.. but for me i'll go for pelamin hunting by July.. as i spotted some of bridal boutiques udh.. im tryimg to kstick wit my budget at d same time. bju pengantin lawa yet murah dmana ah exactly? mcm ngaleh bh udah kraja survey2 ani kan.. really tiring

  2. i know lawakan??? mcm haih... i want the pelamin like that tpi ada lgi lah tambah2, sikit~ yeh better stick with the budget lah... baju pengantin depending on ur budget so far semua sama saja harganya.. Myzura and Maszalina wud b my top suggestions though... Roza Rohaya jua.. p nada my colour dsna so i didnt really check...


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