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Thursday, 25 June 2009

just dropping by~

Tomorrow's Friday and I'm EXCITED!!

5 days inda jumpa dear fiancé mcm *WAAAAAAAAAAA*~ Seriously, we nda jumpa for 5 days?? hahaha that's record breaking~ (cos both of us are here in Brunei). I've been talkative and active the past few days... effects of coffee?? No?? Yes?? Maybe... *silent*


Anyways~ agenda for tonight would be chiling with my family @ home...put some of my stuffs back into my room and then admiring my Nikah flipflops (yes, I'll be wearing flips flops... knape? tak percaye?) and the Sanding sandals~ *sigh* 5 more weeks to go..and next week? Make-up trial session!!!!! *insya-Allah~*

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