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Monday, 29 June 2009


Salam all…

Alhamdulillah dear future sis-in-law’s sanding ceremony kemarin berjalan dgn lancar. Apologies to all as I can't put their pictures in, if u guys wanna know how her pelamin was like.. it’d be like the 2nd pelamin I’ve posted in my earlier entries (the one captured by UcingItam) Majlis yg diadakan secara sederhana *Alhamdulillah* and I must say, I did quite hmm… alright? Dear fiancé ckp he was quite impress with me during the event yesterday? I don’t know dari segi apa though… ada ya cerita to me tu nanti.

Everyone’s been asking (family members and friends) regarding why we (us and the future sis-in-law) inda buat our wedding sama2. alang2 on his side... balik2 on side... mcm2 lh lgi. There was a plan, yes, but due to reasons (which I don’t really know) it was decided to hold the weddings on 2 different dates. Good jua lah (hehehe at least byk masa buat preps) BUT here’s some tips for those yg mau kawin adi-beradi together on the same weekend! *yay*

For same genders (female), senang sikit,
  • the solemnization ceremony can be done in 1 afternoon (Nikah saja lah.. antar/menerima berian included time tunang dah) .. normally @ home.
  • bebadak, badakmandi and bepacar shall be no probs cos two ladies can have their these ceremonies at one go
  • Sanding, m sure each couple wants their sanding to be on different pelamins.. so, ani ikut runding bicara lh. One could opt for : a)1 big pelamin with 2 sets of sanding seats, b) 2 sets of pelamins for each couple.
  • Basuh kaki (for Tutong folks) … I suggest sepelamin saja, senang but get a long one :)
  • Ambil-ambilan pun simultaneously!

Saves a lot of $$$$ I must say… 

But for diff genders (bro and sis)
  • Solemnization to take place @ different times but the same day, e.g. Bro in the a.m, Sis in the p.m
  • Bebadak, Bedak mandi and bepacar, simultaneously
  • Sanding, definitely hav to do it on different days (**unless the Bro atu kawin serumah saja.. i.e Wife not local or Muslim converts) : a. Bro and Sis sanding @ Halls / Hotels together… an option for ** b. Bro to Sanding in the evening (after bebadak) c. Bro to Sanding immediately after Nikah (cos I know some couples prefer to skip ALL the Adats and just go straight to Sanding) d. Bro to have joint receptions with his bride @ Halls / Hotels, which is a different date from the Sis’s sanding
Anything is possible when it comes to planning your wedding (jgn bride wars saja *lol*). A good reader pun ada some info to share that orang dulu2 cakap inda bleh sepelamin if kawin on the same day (mbari the relationship inda lasting). I know pantang org dulu2 ani ada relevancenya so i would put it this way, inda kna suruh sepelamin cos takut pelamin roboh, bisai jua different pelamin (at least nda sma dlm gmbr) and citarasa masing2 mana sama.. payah tu kn decice a pelamin of which 4 ppl can agree on for their wedding..for sure sorg mo theme ani..sorg mau theme atu~ nda ja? That's why nda advisable by the Elders (in my opinion, that is).. and probably takut besanding with a different partner?? *lol* Using 1 pelamin is not a normal case nowadays, cos I know most will go for a pelamin of their own..asal muat rumah~~ and cukup $$$$!! If dlm dewan no probs tu.

Pasal hubungan inda berpanjangan atu... well I know, jodoh di tgn Allah S.W.T, and it's how we jaga the relationship that keeps it strong. Responsibilities, the Do's & Don'ts..insya-Allah, hubungan husband and wife akan berkekalan hingga akhir hayat *Amin*

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