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Tuesday, 20 January 2009


The Engagement day is coming up pretty soon. So, I had a meeting with one of the noted Brunei photog (ani utk wedding plang ni, for the engagement photog amateur saja heheeheh thought of some talented friends but naaaaahhh~~~). Erm, erm… had I some extra income I would definitely hire them. Lawa waaahhhh…!!! I want!! But :(

So I guess it’s photog hunting lgi… manage to find a few, every now and then I will update the links for my friends to refer nanti come their turn. ;) I have a few photogs in mind like PauseByBald, Ed Noorislam, Hitam Puteh, UcingItam, candidsyndrome tpi hehehe still malas to contact them, should or shouldn’t I ah? I guess there’s no harm in email-ing them and see what package they can offer… the quest begins! Start my e-mail by typing this ….


I have seen your work with some of the wedding photos and is interested on hiring you. I am due to get married *insya-Allah* first week of August 2009 with a 3 days event (maybe 2 days) and would like to ask you what wedding packages you're offering, i.e. photography and videography, editting of photos, photos printed, album sizes, photobook (do you produce them?) and DVD storage for both videos and pictures.

How much extra charges, if any, do you request for customers from outside Brunei-Muara District?

Let’s see what they all have to say *jeng! Jeng! Jeng!*

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