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Friday, 9 January 2009

bz, bz, bz

WHAT-A-BUSY- WEEK!!! Ngalih rsanya eh.. sapa jua kn tahan mun everyday kn meeting sja. Now that's what we call MIB people!! No plans for ring hunting this week, but I've discussed with boyfie on things to do next week. A rough time plan have been made. By saying rough, I mean rough lah tu ah... nda betulis, nda bhapa... it's all in the head! *lol*

Right abt now, I'm still not sure when's the big day. Tentatively... it'll be sometime early ... hrmmm should I tell?? Nanti lah kali ah...? :P I'm hoping for my bju kurung to be finished on tym juuuussssttttttt before the engagement day. nyehnyehnyeh~ Naaah, not gonna dress up for that day, just a simple bju kurung yg I always used to attend wedding functions n such. Not even with make-up on ni nanti *lol* now that's even going simpler than simple!!!

Sis is planning to bake something for the guests' 'campur'. Not so sure apa kan di bakenya.. either cuppies or cookies tu.. mcm2 experimentnya ni nanti for my upcoming future events ;) haih~ can't w8..

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