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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thursday survey

I guess it’s not wrong to do a little bit of advertisement here.

Hehehe went out with Boyfie after work… yeah, normally we’d have this routine of meeting up every Mondays and Thursdays (after work), meeting point would be somewhere in Tutong, cos kalau balik ke rumah lgi it’s time consuming. So yeah, met him td @ d usual… then we went to Katimahar.

Plan was to survey saja, TAPI the type and songket colour pun dorang ada…!! The exact colour yg kami mau!!! I have yet to check the other bridal boutiques in Brunei/KB/Tutong lgi ni. Gladly I came across with AkadNikah.Com and PerkahwinanKu.Biz.. they’re somewhat like an online directory for all us to-be-wed couples. *thumbsup*

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