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Monday, 26 January 2009


Wishing every Chinese Community in Brunei and the rest of the World,

Dapat masih angpau kh bila betunang ani?? Hehehe

Anyways, went out with dear
fiancé 2day... and yes, you guessed it.. k boutique lh 'booking kain' and discuss design with the designer. I know nowadays some ladies ada yg prefer to fuse songket w/ chiffon / lace.. my case, I specifically cakap to the designer.. PURELY SONGKET! I'm positive that it'll look nice on me :) :) We thought he'd wanna take our measurements today jua, sekalinya he advice us to come dlm 3-4 mths lgi before the wedding, unless confident nda naik / turun lgi berat bdn hehehe soooo... we just simply booked the songket lah.. cos d kadai lain nada that specific colour n jenis songket yg we want~ :) :)

My part lgi tu nanti ada Majlis Berbedak & Mulih 7 Hari. Thinking of renting another bju tpi yg for the 2 events.. savings sikit, sewa 1 bju sja! Will have to decide on colour for Jongsarat then bleh choose which songket to use. I wanna wear pakaian Brunei for Majlis Berbedak.. so renting out the Traditional Brunei accessories is also in the list! ;) ;)

Would wanna dress up jdi Princess Amidala from Star Wars *lol* Brunei Style!!! I can imagine myself dressing up in 1 nanti..!!! *gulik2* owh, which reminds me.. need to get make-up artists for the 4 events ni nanti.. Biar mummy call her friend lh.. mnatau ya belaku?? (ambil jln mudah kn me ah~)

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