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Friday, 16 January 2009

survey2 lagi!

Boyfie and I decided to go out for a little bit of surveying today but first, LAUNDRY!!
It’s good to start the day with a little bit of exercising. Menyasah nyentaaaa! Hehehe kursus suri rumahtangga ni secara tidak lansung!!

This Sunday will be my Ladies’ outing so kureng dpt lah kn menguruskan hal-hal kawin2an ani…~ Question is how to tell them ah? Malu alai~ Inda d bagitau takut krg dorg menyamal, I know a few that does… so yeah, whoever yg dtg esok… they’ll be the first to know. Not gonna tell them terang2 lh, prolly just ask them to come over to my place for a small ‘makan-makan’. Boyfie pun nda bgitau his friends tu…happens so jua arh his place dorang celebrate his niece’s b’day…so bleh cover up lh sikit (hehehe)

Right, preparation for your big day needs proper time management. As of today, my engagement day has been confirmed to 25th January 2009. Catering sudah set by my parents, ‘campur’ as mentioned earlier dh my sister bought the packaging for 200pax. Thanks to AkadNikah.com, I’ve an Excel copy for budgeting my expenditures! Excel is the most important thing ni, I have to do all my preps with the programme even for the invitation names tu nanti… speak of which, mesti start jua ni typing.. slooooowly~ Tunggu sound dari daddy baru th implement.

He has already asked me to print out our previous name list (bakas2 kawin my sis back in 2001) I was the Secretary that time, so I still keep the file.. untuk masa depan, nah kan.. now beguna tia!~ Baik jua menyimpan…

AAAaaanyway, tdi we found the 'gold' ring for engagement. lawalah.. nice n simple... klu org meliat tau jua org cincin tunang lah ah~ kna pikir jua mahal! *lol* we got it on discount of 50% then after Friday prayer…we went str8 to Myzura Gallery in Kiulap, quite impress with the accessories and baju2 they have there. Macam2 ada… they even offer mbuat gubahan for hantaran, now this I have to think through dlu (as sisters are planning to do the deco2 themselves) so we’ll see. Batah lgi tu! ;) We also checkout Nurul Huda Bridal, Nurhayana and Citra Idaman Boutique since it’s in the same neighbourhood. Can’t really decide which boutique yg me tepakai just yet… we’ll see.

At 3p.m tdi, met up wif boyfie’s parents d Giant, kan membali tempat nyimpan cincin for tunang~ Found them warna silver and gold *schwing* photos will be uploaded after the ceremony yeah?

After that we go round Batu Bersurat area just doing our usual roundings, sekali yeah.. why not, stop by arh Ruzz Pelamins to check out what they offer… not to bad as well. Hehehe + tempat basuh kaki dorg bisai~~ I loiiiikkkeeee!!! So yeah.. we’ll see on this one as well!

Banyak lagi masa but better awal rather than last minute right?? 7 months prep pun consider ok ni dah.. ada orang ONE year lgi!

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