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Monday, 5 January 2009

....part troix

Just got the news!!! *lol*
I'm happy, happy, haaaapppppyyyyy~~~

Surely the session went well, indung mana nda mau meliat anaknya kahwin right?
So I heard we're gonna get engaged the end of this month. Boyfie's dad proposed 2 dates which is this 18th .... and 25th. Sis told me that mum seek her opinion regarding those dates.

I, myself prefers the 25th cos the next day atu cuti.. durang my sis dapat jua stay d kampung :)
So we'll see about it. My God, I'm getting engaged end of this month!!! *woot*woot*

Oh yes, as part of the Bruneian tradition, Mum requested :
1. Pembuka Mulut = sebentuk cincin, B$100.00
2. Tanda Tunang = sebentuk cincin, B$100.00

Looks like me and boyfie will have some shopping to do! Especially knowing the fact that Mum wants a gold ring for cincin Tanda Tunang...

!!!!!!Mayday! Mayday!!!!!!

Yes, yes I'm not really keen on wearing a gold ring... mesti th cari yg bisai2 neeee~ Need to arrange a date for 'ring shopping' ;) ;) ;) ;)
As for pembuka mulut, that's been taken cared of by dear boyfie~

Next week th kli tu or... hmmm, need to check my 'planner' ne!
(auuu.. hav to get meself a planner, else juggling stuffs won't be possible ne this year!!)
We have to be secretive and discreet about this.. kekekeke
I'm so excited~~~

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