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Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Day, Part Deux

Alhamdulillah~ the function went well... The electric power was back on just before all the guest arrive.
Ngalih jua ke sana kemari memasang aircon.. muka ayu pun merah2 nda payah pakai blusher!!! *lol* Malu jua saya tdi tym kna suruh masuk k living room for menyarungi cincin ah~.
All eyes were on me. OMG!!

But none the less, wlupun ada technical prob sikit tdi... Alhamdulillah, as of now, I am officially someone's
fiancé ... Sayang, we're engaged!!!

'Tunangan orang dah laaaaiiiii~'

"Operation Kahwin" has commenced.

The first thing we'll be doing tomorrow would be.. to go to our selected boutique and buat bju utk bersanding. We're actually renting out the baju from that boutique, just that with an extra B$100.00 we get to make a new n customised one for us, kira kami yg premier pakai lh~ Ok jua tu?? No??

At least, satisfaction guaranteed kaaaannnn!!

Until tomorrow...
Yours Truly

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