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Friday, 14 August 2009


Salam all...

Back then, I always question myself.. mengapa kna buat Majlis Berbedak for a wedding function? I know some would say... 'Andangnya sudah mesti ada...mau jua kn pakai pakaian Brunei kan...?' but is it really what we need? So I question myself... why did I do it? Truthfuly speaking.. I once talked to my parents of not wanting the ceremony to be held (constrained budget).. and they were like 'eh baik jua, dorg adi-beradi mu ya juanya...' 

As a true Tutong folk, actually kami nda necessary memakai pakaian Brunei (all the ayam-ayam, naga and the likes).. but then again, I do have a little bit of Brunei-Muara blood in me.. (Mulah Nini Bini frm Dad's side) Kali Mum tanya, "Ko pakai pakaian Brunei kh nda ni? Kaka mu dlu pakai jua"  and my Sis was like... "Dang... pakai saja tia! bila jua masanya lgi~"   Sekalinya, "pakai eh.. sayang jua~" :D Rented out my pakaian Brunei from Myzura Bridal Gallery @ Kiulap, 1st floor above the photo shop yg sebaris AV Electronics, Virgo Boutique.. etc. Based on my surveys last time.. most bridal boutiques rented out the pakaian Brunei @ the same price..hence, cari saja mana yg available 1 set atu..~ For my little fruities yg nda tau pasal pakaian ani.. they were like "Waaahh lawa jua, tpi knapa pakai atu? Knapa crownnya lain??" Haha kids nowadays~

Back to why we do berbedak ceremonies... in the olden days (as told by Dad), yg membadaki ani bukan orang calang-calang... normally it'll b the Elderly relatives. In a way, to me, it's one way  to have them gather round and bestow us, the Pengantins, their blessings..besertakan do'a from all lah tu ah. Some families still do the Adat Meng-aga-i (i.e groom's family ke rumah the Bride and vice versa)...of which, we don't practice and I dare not comment anything regarding that matter... that for sure is a lengthy one, sudah th family diri, family 'dangan' lagi.. fuuuhh!! Kul 11 a.m kli? I guess that's why nowadays jrg lgi dipractice by some.. and the fact that the berbedak function is mostly done on the same day of the Bersanding / Nikah hehe~ 

Right, the eve before my Berbedak function, me and sis, did the Bunga Telor... 

150eggs boiled by the amahs
this is only part of the flowers.. lady in the background is dearest mummy... 
(Chief Supervisor of the night *lol*)
the blue flowers for the Dzikir team

To top it off, all the flowers ada cute little bells so imagine sja cana bunyinya bila mbagi arh org *winks* All the gifts for guests, for org membadaki and Dzikir members were 'sold out' that night... Syukur, Alhamdulillah~ Can't wait for the pix from all the peeps nanti.. 

Until the nxt entry...

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