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Sunday, 16 August 2009


Salam all...

Today will be the last of my 4 events, it's Muleh 7 Hari.. nervous? yes. anxious? yes. What more can you ask.. bet this is how my husband felt last week.

Last week was the Sanding Ceremony... a good turn up amongst my friends and relatives. And man, was I sleepy! Today better sikit, last week can only sleep soundly around 2.30a.m and then I hav to wake up around 6.30a.m. Get myself ready before my M.u.A's arrival which was around 9.00a.m. Hubby didn't text me at all that morning.. I would xpect so cos ia pun ada Majlis Berbedak pagi2 atu. But alhamdulillah, his arrival was on schedule... rombongannya saja late sikit. 

MuA did a fine job with the make-up... no wait, a GREAT job~ and I finished on schedule...*Alhamdulillah* Though had to get help with sis to put on the corset (andang design of the baju). I sooooo loooove the baju banar2!! Rasanya kan dibuy so that orng inda pakai lgi but wth, kan di apa jua simpan? Jadi ristaan saja jua tu behabuk dlm almari. Baju lain tu bleh laa... besides, WE'RE THE FIRST to wear that baju kan? The songket yg hard to find arh other boutiques ah *lol* (masa atu plg tu.. dont knw masa ani) Everyone's comment : You guys managed to pull it off!! Jarang org dpt wear that colour and looks gorgeous in it! (Hmm, wallahuwa'lam~ to me, each baju pengantin is stunning in their own ways..)

It's already 7:19a.m and I need to shower before anything... time of departure from my place would be 11:00a.m. .... nervous again? YES!!!!!!!! 


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