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Monday, 10 August 2009

the news so far... hehe

Salam all...

Last Sunday was THE SANDING day... sorry that I couldn't get to update you all sooner as I was pretty *ahem* busy~ ;)

Alhamdulillah everything went well last weekend, from Friday to Sunday inda beranti-ranti orang bedudun ke rumah, i.e. those yg nda blaku dtg for my wedding functions lh tu ah. My sisters and the aunties were super dooper bz!! Menghidang wajid, kelupis and mum's nasi Lemak!! Nyumminess!!! 

As for me? Haha let me tell you little story about Saturday afternoon... all of yous can't prolly imagine how panic i was when I've got 6 of my fingers smudged with SUPERGLUE!!! Yes supergluuuueeee!!! Yg got itself dried within seconds!! Good thing ya smudged saja, if the whole fingers melakat.. OMG!!! Susah jua saya tuuuuu~ Auuuuuu still payah to get them removed lh.. especially mlm atu I hav Majlis Berbedak!!! The thing was, one of the decorative stones for the bunga telur stand (pahar) tertanggal.. yth kna suruh gam with superglue yg cair, so it dripped to my fingers, smpi the stones pun ikut melakat jua.. I was like, OMG, OMG!! This is not happening!!! It took me about an hour and a half to finally hav all fingers free of superglue! Mesti pelahan2.. pakai tweezers to peel them off.. hot water jua lh (paling penting) .. mun nda, nada masuk pacar d jari2 eh~ Gladly Mummy didn't knw awal2 atu.. else, haih~ nda tau lah abis kli kna marahi!

Oh btw, for everyone's info.. I will NOT REVEAL my face here in "My Wedding" but will only post my preparations and baju2 plus other DIY stuffs yg I have implemented for my wedding. And yes, for those yg think they know who I am... just hush2 yea... no fun if it was to be revealed openly arah this blog kan? ;) I'm sure all you ladies are clever enough to figure me out? :) :D 

Remember my post pasal decorating my staircase? Hehehe, hmm the evening before Nikah... my good friend dtg ke rumah and she was a dear that saved my life!! Totally!! Thought that I couldn't finished the works before my Nikah.. thanks doll~ U know who u are...

the gold roses was tied up by dearest me, few nights before we did the decoration,

not too bad for someone who's never done any staircase deco, innit?

And so.. the usual line, until my next entry ladies... pics of baju-bajuan will be uploaded after semua my 4 events abis k? :D :D :D

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