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Thursday, 6 August 2009


Salam all....

Now how about that, I was just staring out the window, enjoying the green scenery (although somewhat hazy.. but yeh~) then it suddenly struck me that I owe everyone a wedding theme...
Last week has been hectic yes, apologies for no theme updates and this weekend.. God knows apa~
So now.. behold, GREEN

rather odd combination but blends well.. bah kadai2 pelamin, baik th sedia kan design cemani ani!

this is a pic of a modern kebaya I surfed on to while i was blog hopping some time ago... *phew* I do have one of these in white... ganya, hrrrmmm pakai photoshoot sja kli? MAAAYYYBEEEE~

another one yg lacy jua... could've been better if tgnnya atu belapis no??

as for these... from rinssuzana.fotopaages.com , the groom is wearing satin baju melayu and a heavy satin coat + pants, bride..lace and heavy satin

this used to be one of my dream invitation card.. but hey, i think my cheaper version last time was alright... :) :) *patsontheback*

This weekend will be my Berbedak and Sanding reception... Hope everything goes well (might not go as planned... but pleaaaaaaaaaaaase let it go well and smooth *Amin*) Fetched my Baju Sanding yesterday... fuuuhhh! don't know what to say, liat saja tia nanti ;)

p/s : Sisters think we may need to supply face masks since the haze is getting worst *winks*... additional doorgifts?... you'll just have to wait and see~

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