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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Salam all..

it's been raining the past few days and I'm freezing cold in the office! Yes, Bride is back to work.. back to the normal routine (of working). Anyhoos.. as promised, a new wedding theme for this week.. PINK is the new BLACK! don't u think?

this lace is a beauty, even if ur guy refuse to wear this colour, u can always match it with the colour of your kain.. green perhaps?

This is a design I would suggest for baju nikah or Berbedak, loving the pink designs on the white baju.. stunning!

another lace combining pink and peach.. lawa jua ah~ why didn't i go for this colour last time? *thinks*

This will be the set for his hantaran or ambil2an reception menu.. cuteness!!! I had the idea of doing my hubby's hantaran like these.. tpi naah~ simple2 designs saja...

cake looks simple and yummy...

I did my fresh flower bouquet at Roz Flower Boutique last time, where I also rented my outdoor decors as well. Bouquet was cheaper than any other flower boutiques I've been to and the price is inclusive with delivery! (Oh yes, for everyone's info they also do flower deco for your rooms.. for those yg mau fresh flower decos for your rooms~)

This is an example of pink roses for your big day bouquet..

table deco... nice~ for Raya ok jua ni..dining table deco? no?

Next, wedding favors ... door gifts.. campur as we called it..

the fan~

the picture holder (yg budget tinggi lh ah~)

the candles (universal sikit)

and ofcourse, the Pelamins... simple and sweet..

Last but not the least, collages of pink themes.. ;)

As AEROSMITH put it in their song ".. Pink, it's the colour of passion cause today it just goes with the fashion... " - like I said earlier, Pink is the new Black... so why not try this theme..? Until the next entry insya-Allah~


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  1. pink is my fav colour and i fell in love with the first pelamin design...where is it from?


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