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Sunday, 2 August 2009

gd morning~


Good morning everyone (nda besenonoh jua org kan Nikah ani) hahaha... sorry, my bad.. tired still but good thing is, I'm not gonna do anymore cleaning/decorating works today *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY* Finishing touch with additional items for my hantaran saja, hence this a.m, I'm gonna do my baking! We're mixing modern and classic food menu with the hantaran.. ada homemade cakes, iced cookies, cuppies, kek kukus, chocs and ofcourse, homemade lasagna ( yth kn d bake ni pagi ani... juz wanted to do kerja ringan2 saja before Nini Hj (a relative of ours) datang and me mandi aing bertawari.. Pcaya dgn ayat Al-Qur'an lai... insya-Allah... Selamat..*amin*

Thanks all for the greets.... insya-Allah will post some pics... ;) ;) aights~ Wish me all the best yeah???

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