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Friday, 3 July 2009


4 weeks & 2 days.... *heartbeats*

Yet another successful Friday *yay* I was thankful though I had to actually cancel my morning appointment for a reason. Managed to pass some of my invitation cards to my dear Uni junior (she'll pass on to the rest of the gals & guys lagi), they've always been there for me and this is my only way to thank them all.... :) Thank you all~ Datang ah to my wedding!

I'm sure this may come to a shock for some of them... yes, ME, getting married!!! Everyone's happy for me though... Alhamdulillah~ I remember few months ago when one of them asked me...

J : "Eh lai, let me see your hand!"

Me : *blur and show her my hands*

L : "Nah see cincin ah.... betunang ko udah kh???"

Me : Hehehe... apa sulnya??

J : "Eeee banar kh nda c banar ani... mua mu ani payah sikit kn pecaya.. mun banar ALHAMDULILLAH!!!"

L : "Au eh.. ko selalu kai cincin arh kelingking saja.. jrg arh jari manis"

Me : *lol* yth kamu atu nah... nda jua salah makai cincin d jari manis (trying to confuse them lagi) Lawa bh cincin ani d pakai d jari manis.. nda?? Murah ganya mo time sale aritu ku mbali...

L : "Issshh banar2 bah eh.. bedusa ko if ko nda mengakun!"

Me : *julursss* kan kahwin th ku jua ni pretty soon... *buat muka selamba* tunggu saja lagurnya nanti ah~~~ *giggles*

L : "Hmmmmm....."

J : "Alum th ku kn pecaya tu mukanya cematu atu....ketawanya lagi "


It was good to make them oh-so-confused time atu... hehehe ah well, hope to see them nanti in August.. *winks* JANGAN NADA!!!

Back to the preps.. had a trial with the M.U.A last Tuesday. Phewww.. ilang nervoooouuuusss! Haha we only did the trial for nikah, the rest? Samples of shadow colours saja~ Lawa!! Dear fiancé kononnya kn meliat the finished make-up work arh LIVE webcam tapi ntah knapakh MSN beproblem msatu... ya suruh liat time Nikah saja tu sayang, dapan2 lgi best tau.. But I snapped a few shots so I just showed him the pics saja and really glad that he loves them as well... Alhamdulillah~

Another good news would be, the Sanding attire. Decided to drop by at the bridal boutique this p.m and what do u know?? The baju is ready for fitting *waaaaaahhh!!!* APA lagiiiii?!?! Had our fitting lah tadi.. simply gorgeous!!! A slight alteration and the dress will be good for next month *thumbsup* Dear fiancé is abit cautious with his attire.. nampak mcm ia damit or so he claimed. Maybe the coat atu abit big kli? Tpi masa him fitting tadi.. ok jua usulnya~ I'd say his Dastar plang yg make him look small atu.. krg th liat the pics lgi. Iski our tailor trus..siap ambil camera and gambar2 lgi *lol* funny bunch dorg atu! Next fitting session will be end of this month (moment of truth tuuu...! OMG) I have chosen the set of tiaras that matches with my baju sanding..but I have yet to reconfirm the rental for my tiara sets utk nikah and muleh 7 as well as the Traditional Bebadak accessories set..

*wow* Nda lagi lama jdi Princess Amidala ni!! *iskiness*

I have forwarded my leave application yesterday. Mesti kna approve tu.. nda bleh nda!! I'll go on strike if they don't sign the form!! Aisey mcm berani saja *lol* But insya-Allah, they sign tu... *Amin*

More things to do would be :
  1. Confirm house decorations
  2. To decide either to custom-made/rent tudong for Nikah and Muleh 7
  3. get the final items for my balasan hantarans
  4. Move the rest of my stuffs back into my room
  5. Give my cat his well-deserved grooming session
  6. Distribute my invitation cards (for office) by mid of this month
  7. send over my balasans for deco
  8. Empty out the living room
  9. Spring cleaning the whooooooooleeee house!
  10. try to concentrate with my office work
  11. get my car road tax and insurance re-newed, and..
  12. get enough rest daily!
Until the next entry~ Another looooooooooonngg day at work tomorrow *sigh* Think i should add #13 - concentrate with office works *angelface* Hahaha..!! Oh yes, final update!!! My curtains and bedsheet siap already~ It will be fixed this 20.07 (cuti Isra' Mekraj) .. Insya-Allah~ ..haaa~ now I can say, Until the next entry ppl..!! *hugs*

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