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Friday, 10 July 2009



I'm totally knackered and yes, I hope this explains my absence for today. As usual, *Alhamdulillah* another successful Friday!! Our progress are as follows :
  1. Rental of Pelamin (+ lapik Nikah, dian 4, tempat bedak 7) - confirmed
  2. Rental of Tiara Sets (Nikah & Sanding) - confirmed
  3. Rental of Berbedak Accessories & Baju Sanding - confirmed
  4. Rental of Sinjang & Dastar (Ziarah & Muleh 7) - confirmed
  5. Wedding Ring - paid
  6. Hantarans - confirmed theme and sent for decoration (at least off our chest sudah hehehe though I had to rent extra lapiks due to yeah.. extras for food~)
  7. Bridal bouquet & driveway deco - confirmed
  8. House deco (interior) - I'm thinking.... self decoration?? should be alright no?? Dear fiancé pun mbagi dh kata2 semangat :P~ We'll see.. my sis dlu ya sendiri jua.. so should implement the same jua..
  9. Bedsheets for dear fiancé's room - bought! *hee~*
  10. Invitation cards for the office - *Insya-Allah* will distribute tomorrow.. moment of truth!! Haha
Speaking of invitations, I got into my creative mode yesterday and had this craaayzeeyyy idea of printing out my invitation cards on A4 size paper for the office peeps. Tau lah, quite a no. of sections kn d invite and I can't afford to give each of them invitation cards.. SooOooo, since there was this idea of having a 'scroll' invitation card last time, why not implementkan saja tia for this one (menyampaikan hajat) apa jua ganya 5-10 copies saja kan??? So each unit gets 1 scroll hehehe tpi mau jua presentable sulnya... nda? Hence, I bought...

...gold hotstamped papers $3.50 (10pcs)... ribbons $1.20/roll

Printed these on... :D Printer kureng memuaskan BUT lawa still~~
and voila~ got the 'scrolls'

Insya-Allah will get all of these sorted out tomorrow.. *yay* At least now I can concentrate more on my office works before I start my holiday... :) :) ;) Will do a proper update in a few days time, I'm sleepy.. need my beauty zZzzzzzz~

Nyt2 all and Salam~

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