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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

no title for this one...

Cuti.. Work.. Cuti..Work.. Cuti, Cuti.. Work, Work, Work.. Cuti.. Work..CUUUUTTTIIIII!! Hahaha awu lai~~ nda lagi sabar ni kan hols :) :) :) :) Me and Dear fiancé have been counting the days for our Nikah. Nervous? Yes!!

Supposedly kan rilex2 saja today cos I have rescheduled myself for a busy spring cleaning at home kicking off this weekend. Dearest Mummy has been veerrryy busy memindah2 her flower pots supaya sanang simpan kem nanti (terlampau byk bunga bah~) Yes, Mum is bonkers dengan activity memelihara bunga-bungaan but I would say it's a good exercise for her nonetheless. :D Keep it up Mummy!!

So far.. my preps tinggal implementation saja lagi. My room needs a small rug to compliment the look, as well as a proper door mat (all this while pakai labih2an carpet saja... biasa~). The stair case deco...decided to do the works myself within the allocated budget for tempahan.. Double thumbs up if i can pull this off. Date to do decorations... 01.08.2009 ( so brg2 mesti semua ada before that day...) To decorate an old fashion staircase.. cana ah? I want them simple saja from cheap materials but yet still can look so elegant.. see lah how the outcome nanti.. :D :D

Other than that, doorgifts packaging for orang membadaki, malam Berbedak guests and Dzikir sudah siap dilaksanakan. 3/4 of which andang hajat mummy.. so it's from her own expenses. My idea was taken into consideration for the guests only (initial idea for Sanding doorgifts actually) but ofcourse size sja ikut selera Mummy... Me and the family have yet to do packaging for Sanding doorgifts (after Majlis Malam Berbedak pslnya nda tau mana kn menyimpan if d pack awal2) and Nikah doorgifts (ani my sister punya bahagian ne.. hehe). Since it's in the form of food kan.. so biar lambat2 lh bsai asal sanggup bergotong royong malam2 atu.. hehe

Right about now.. I'm staring at my wardrobe for the 3 bajus to be used for my events.. *sigh* Malam tadi was testing out my flipflops and sandals (bought at ShoeLovers at such a very cheap price.. hehehe but still lawa.. although I am considering the idea of my dear sisters kan pakai kasut turun temurun atu... hmmm we'll see, we'll see... I can't waiiiiittttttttttttt!!!!!

Oh btw~~ Surat Kebenaran Nikah for dear fiancé sudah me ambil from the Syariah Court yesterday (yes, the kebenaran will only be out 2 weeks before nikah) This is required for Jurunikah nanti. We need...
  • Copies of chopped (fully attended) pre-Nikah course attendance sheets
  • Copies of Receipts (payment upon submission of Borang Kebenaran Nikah @ Syariah Courts)
  • Copies of I/C
  • Copies of Birth Certs
.... all of which must be attached with this Surat Kebenaran and d bawa k Pejabat Ugama where the bride (me) register for my application..and then baru th kna bagi tue Borang 4 (Borang for Jurunikah)~ Let me summarise for all..
  1. Acquiring Borang Kebenaran Nikah from Syariah Court (Declaration letters from respective Ketua Kg, signatures of Wali (bride) and the 2 Saksi with address and I/C no.)
  2. Submit the forms and make payments upon submission ($10/person),
  3. Register for Kursus Nikah and acquire the attendance sheet (mesti d bawa everytime and pay $4 for the Nikah course Book,
  4. Upon completion of Kursus, copies of the attendance should be made for the above purpose,
  5. Surat kebenaran Nikah (released by the Syariah Court ~2 wks before Nikah)
  6. Acquire Borang 4 ... Pass to Jurunikah (get ready with $30 for this) He will handle the rest..
  7. Solemnization ceremony (Sign the Borang 4).. oh yes, Groom jangan lupa bawa I/C time nikah ah.. some Jurunikah suka tu meniaya pasal I/C ani.. some even mean it!
  8. Submit original copies of course attendance sheets, signed Nikah form annnd then baru tah ada kna keluarkan Sijil Kahwin
8 steps yo!!! Banyak jua ah... ??? Two weeks and 4 days to go.. and I'm yours~~

"Diantara tanda-tanda kekuasaan Allah ialah Dia menciptakan untukmu isteri-isteri dari jenismu sendiri, supaya kamu cenderung dan merasa tenteram kepadanya, dan dijadikan-Nya di antara kamu rasa kasih dan sayang. (Ar-Rum 21)

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