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Friday, 31 July 2009

preps, preps...

Preparations for the Nikah day has been *pheeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!* tiring.. hahaha it's like playing a jigsaw puzzle game... well, what more can u expect from a house filled with good 'ol memories of yesteryears~ Some stuffs we throw them away.. some, simpan dlm store.

My pelamin? I can't say much yet sal belum semua dorang deliver..prolly this afternoon. Dad's been pretty mad dh cos mcm malar dh betangguhkan dorg k rumah ani. *sigh* Alhamdulillah, good thing my nikah is not today...else abis ya!! Hah!! But then again, I would understand jua lh... it's busy everywher... so yeah, with that much labour and so many demands in a week.. bz jua kli tu ah~

Our wedding rings sudah we fetched yesterday~~ *sigh* Good thing my hubbby-to-be is keeping mine ..else hehe malar kli dh d pakai2 *lol* I've seen one quite like it, more or less the same lh.. but what the heck, sama kli timingnya kami k kadai atu bh... maybe~? Or maybe we have the same taste? *Alhamdulillah* As for baju for sanding, entah ah.. I've this feeling that something is amiss with that baju? (pre-wedding syndrome, perhaps?) macam.. ada rasa hati kn menukar pkai baju lain ani bh... hahahha marah jua my tailor tu krg *lol* Thing is baju Bebadak and Muleh 7.. I is alright~ but this one.... eeeeeeeeee... andangnya kali bah ah?

oh well... time to do some work, work, work!


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