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Friday, 24 July 2009

It's Friday, 24.07, and today will be another busy day...

The progress for house spring cleaning is 80%. Dad said we need to empty up the living room before next week.. banyak lgi masa, lgipun next week start cuti~~~ And OMG!!!! Wednesday next week jua dorang memasang pelamin!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.. It's gonna be next week ppl!! 1 week, 2 days til I'm officially his wife!! *gasp*Now I'm nervous, not nervous pasal Nikah, nervous on how the pelamin looks, so far... when attending weddings, Mum kebisaian the 2nd pelamin pic I posted... and then my sisters pun sama juanya, the recent wedding they attended pun dorang kelawaan the pelamin which is.. yeh, the same pelamin yg mummy suka!! :s

I'm like, uhhh... I wanted to rent that one but I somehow inda jadi, and thank God I didnt cos, dear fiancé's sister pun pakai that pelamin last time... indakan balik2 sama pelamin?? (kes menyamankan hati ni.. padahal takut kena kritik abis2an.. esp. th Mummy.. *nervous*nervous*) But insya-Allah, ok Mama ni... *Amin*

So last week too, me and the fam decided to pack the doorgifts for Sanding day (au wah, last time ckp time mlm after berbedak session? *lol*) And I was deeply touched by my little nephews and nieces who willingly participated in helping us out. Mun sampai, by the time my aunties came to the house to lend their extra hand... almost kn siap th ya udah! *lol* Mind you the little fruitees are just 4-8 yrs of age..dua org sja yg above 10... such sweet little kids, end of the session Dad rized them with Paddle-Pop sticks, nyaman jua lapas bekeraja tungkus lumus atu!

Me : Waaahhh, rajin jua semua mau help Uncu ani? Tadi semua do all the packing now angkat2 kotak ya jua?

Nephew D : Mm-hmm, pasal tadi ***** nda byk tolong..

Nephew A & B : Kami strong kali ah!

Niece B : And pasal kami semua sayang Uncu, yth kami help Uncu... *hugs*

Niece C : Aku nda dpt tolong angkat pasal masih small :D

I was deeply touched by the statement made by niece B.. kan nangis saja inda bh mendgr she said like that... Awwwwwww~~~

Meanwhile my sisters were doing a very tedious job of cleaning the TV/family area upstairs... kesian them, but Alhamdulillah.. the place is now cleared! *double thumbs up* Kamu memang steady!! ;) Oh my, it's already 8a.m and I need to do some work by 11a.m. Phew~ Til next time ppl, nah! my dad mengatuk pintu th ya udah.. eeeeeee mbari tekajut saja bah! Mestikah d bang nya kuat2? *sigh* Insya-Allah will update soon lgi yeah?


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