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Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Salam ladies and gents,

Another collection of theme that I have actually thought of, but inda implement.. This time around, it's BROWN!!
My senior's (CN) Pelaminan
Pelamin by Nas Great Ideas.. super hawwtt!!

a simple brown deco by Creative Elements

a gold brown tiered cake

VIP Tent with brown deco

brown and ivory deco for wedding reception

cute no?

the cake looks nyummy!

brown hard cover invitation card..

brown and gold doorgifts cone boxes (suitable for small hanky, pot pouri or if mau style traditional, simpan dlmnya bunga rampai)

another example of a brown invitation card

As for baju?? Yang songket, everyone may refer to UcingItam.com , CandidSYNDROME Brunei for sanding attire. But I personally like this one.. suitable for Ambil2an / Muleh 7

but to have a long brown labucci gown (heavy satin) custom tailored to suit your needs would be ..stunning for a hotel/ballroom reception

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