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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


AAaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! 4 days to go to our Nikah and I'm anxious, my dear fiancé nervous, everyone's nervous.. There's still lots of things to prepare, which is why me and tunang tercinta decided to fetch our hantaran & accessories for Nikah awal (Thursday ani) At least, Friday and Saturday atu bleh do all the last minute preparation.

Right about now, I'm waiting for the pelamin to arrive.. nervous? yes! jadikah today ani.. hahaha it's already 10.28a.m and no sign of them yet. Dearest Dad's been questioning me dari tadi 'What time will they come to fix your pelamin?' or dalam bahasa Brunei "Pukul brapa dorang dtg memasang pelamin mu ani??" ...Now he's gone off to Tutong town to buy some ingredients for dearest Mum's acar. Yes, THE signature dish of the family.. inda bleh tinggal ne~ not forgetting Kelupis and wajid (my dearest Wawa specialties!) Mummy msani lepak di kitchen merabus kulit limau... harum bau citrus rumah ani :) :) I don't know the updates on my sisters' side. As far as i know, goodies for the kids sudah dibali dorang (apa saja? that gue tak tau..).

Aaaanyways, yesterday i bought kain lining (the cheapest kain on sale) kan d buat utk decoration tangga. I actually bought jua earlier warna dark gold but hehe galap sulnya so I think I'm gonna combine them with cream.. been surfing online to get some ideas on stairway wedding deco.. macam2 jua lh kejumpahan.. but these are a few yg caught my interest...

simple but loving the flower deco

another one yg simple... bungasaja byk.. hmmm I knw ada bejual arh $1.80 ne bunga cemani ani..

di hotels bleh lah buat ani, but if ur house and families have quite a number of kids... jgntah the lilin atu kli eh

I like this one.. bleh DIY, and see how dorang tie the scallops nda payah pakai stapler and ribbons atu pun sanang buat DIY jua... hmmm will try to implement this one as it doesn't cover the railings *meets Dad's requirement*.. ofcourse, with a twist ;)
Operation menghias tangga will either be on Friday or Saturday, inda jua lama kli tu eh? Simple2 saja.. nda jua ramai org kn makai tangga atu..except my families and walauth inda berhias kli? Hahaha *we'll see, we'll see*

Aight then, I need to move some of my stuffs out frm my sister's room.. hehehe sorry sis~ banyak barang2 ku ani rupanya! *lol* Till nxt time peeps...


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