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Sunday, 12 July 2009

ramble, ramble


3 weeks before my Nikah, 2 weeks before I finally start my holiday and only 8 working days to finish up my work before I passed them on to the officer yg memangku.. YES, 8 days and I hoped to get the matters done ASAP so that I can have my holiday in peace! Nada siuk tu mun sibuk2 jua nguruskan finishing touches for my wedding and at the very same time sibuk th jua orang office menepon hal itu ini. BUt then again, can't escape as well cos to escape is to run away from your responsibility and yes, I am still responsibile for every actions of my work regardless me being on hols... (that's normal kan?)

I can't really say whether or not me and my soon-to-be husband will be going off someplace for a short honeymoon. The Swine Flu is abit worrying and yeah, I rather not go to any countries cos I reaaaaaaaaally, really, reaaaaally don't want to get myself quarantined! Jaaadinyaaa, KNK saja lah.... kumpul duit lagi then prolly sometime next yr th we go holiday-ing to someplace romantic *winks*

As mentioned earlier, we've had our hantaran(s) sent over for decoration dh~ Can't wait for the outcome!!! For sure lawa tu... *insyaAllah* Aunty Hjh has been really nice to us that we spent almost an hour at her boutique becerita2. It was a nostalgic moment for her, I bet she never expected that she would be seeing two of her long lost friends' children tying their knot. I saw the look in her eyes, it was pure grace. Aunty Hjh even said to us, "bila kamu mengaga barang 2 kamu nanti bawa Mama kamu ah.. rindu aunty kan dorang..." I was deeply touched. Will do, Aunty.. will do. Hopefully jua our Mums available that day. :D

I understand I did quite a lot of photoblogging lately rather than my rants. Hehehe. My apologies. But as for now, I'm busy with my work @ workplace... and yes, the invitation card is out sudah for the staffs kat office. Glad I did the scrolls thingy cos senang they all simpan arh their notice boards :D To my unit, kamu nanti sja I print out the scrolls ah... last day of work me bagi hehehe :P~

Until the next entry.. Salam~

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