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Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday updates!

Yesterday evening, me and dear fiancé decided to drop by @ Sunil's Emporium to get a quotation for my bedroom curtains and bedsheets. Yes, yes decided to get them custom made and I prefer to stick to where my family members selalu buat their curtains n sofa upholstery, trusts their workmanship ;) For those yg staying either in Bandar, Tutong or KB (I'm sure some KBians prefer to get their's done in A-Miri-Ka), here's a list of places I could recommend to everyone :
  • Fabrica @ Gadong Properties..lots and lots of choices there.. carpeting pun nice
  • Hock Ling @ 1st Floor Qlap Plaza
  • Apollo Curtains & Carpets @ Kiulap OR Batu 1
  • Haska @ Urairah Complex
  • Maya Silk Emporium @ Pandan 7 KB, Petani Mall Tutong..pun bsai, the price quoted is for materials sja ne.. sama like Sunil's Emporium.
  • a few other shops @ Delima Sq. and @ Regent Sq. Kiulap which hehehe I forgot the names.. *sorry*
So we went to and have a look through with the materials to actually match it with our modern classic concept and Alhamdulillah.. got what we want~ as for designs, kami mau simple saja so na hassle but if you lots can just drop by to the shops mentioned above and they can show you their sample and masterpiece.. hehehe as for me, I did looked up on Google for some designs just to get the idea but yalah.. terlabih 'the most' krg payah jua~ Sunday they'll be coming over to my place to get the measurement for my windows hehehe.... I just ask them to take their time lah membuat, my room ani under renovation jua at the moment ..soo yah..~

Few pointers for those yg kan prepare their rooms :
  1. Wall = paint (self or contractor) / wallpaper
  2. Floor = tiles / carpeting / laminating
  3. Bedsets and Wardrobe = custom-made / bought
  4. Curtains = ready-made / custom-made
  5. Decorations = self / $$$
  6. Lightings
  7. Ceilings
I decided to not change my ceilings n lighting except maybe bgi side table lamp sja, imagine early 1980s chandelier in my room.. cool kan? *lol* as for the floor, Mum keeps on emphasizing on laminated timber floor, so that'll be my next agenda. I did manage to get a good offer price msa CLEX @ ICC last weekend so I might give them a call while my just-a-mtre-xtension room renovation is in progress.

Decided not to do any wallpapering, although I had in mind to install wallpanels for soundproofing but..naaahhh~ wastage for me...ada my friend sorang atu plg tu teluan iski~ nda smpt tukar cadar tia lgi~~ *inside joke*lol* But yeh, baik guna my ka-ching!! for something else... banar nda?

Had a view of my invitation card draft tdi.. not baaaad I must say, though ada minor errors lh td so I guess better me view lg nxt week and the quoted price, acceptable! :) Alhamdulillah~I hav yet to choose the font colour for me invitation card. My card is metallic cream, so shall the writing be ... dark brown? dark blue? maroon? purple? green?

Which 1 shall it be..

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