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Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Maroon red and black.. that'll be my font colour for the invitation card and it's been decided! Dad pun ok with it..so yeh, m just gonna stick to that. Had a discussion with Mummy tadi, she suggested yg inserts for Jemputan Nikah should be different from Jemputan Berdzikir.. "If colournya lain..tau org it's for different function.." hmmm au ah so very true~ I have yet to give my confirmation to Ezy Printing and then pay my deposit... (which is 50% of the total cost) waaa!!

My room extension is almost done, well- i can say 60% dh lh.. they've done the brickworks for the wall, prolly will commence plastering up the external brickwall pretty soon~ (dalam siap sudah) My sis and Dad has chosen the wall paint for my room, it's gonna be Barley White (some sort of creamish like..it's the safest colour anyway..) For a small room better pakai colour yg light so as to make the room seems 'spacious' plus yeh furniture warna cream jua.. *lol* yth, I'll add abit contrast to the room with the flooring and curtains nanti.... Insya-Allah by middle of next month, siap th my room ani ;) Can't waaaiiiit!~!~!~

before, ada unused beranda diluar..hence dinding kna pacahkan

veranda covered up adding 3 feet to the width of my room (kira ok la)
Below are some pics I've googled up on room decorations for cream bedsets. Certainly gave me the idea on what paint, duvet and curtain colours I shall choose for my room... although, ours' bukan a posted bed~

Neat huh?

Oh, oooohhhhh!!! Speak of which, I need a topper or maybe a comforter for my mattress..dimana bisai membali ah?? And possibility a duvet.. need to discuss this with Maya frm Sunil Emporium, are they gonna make me a duvet OR duvet cover saja. I'll note this one down in my notebook.. ;)

*phew* Less than 4 months away..tick,tock,tick,tock!! I've already booked myself slots for the Pre-Nikah Course.. it's a month duration and the course is once a week for 4 wks.. :) *yay* I sure hope I don't forget my timetable, once lupa... gerenti hav to come the next month lgi (but ofcourse for the missed session only) NOT advisable, k!! Hehe ait then peeps.. til nxt time.


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