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Sunday, 12 April 2009

moving out!

Tiring day 2day... I totally emptied up my room and I meeaaaaan.. EMPTY!!

The work started around 10a.m this morning after breakfast with Dad, Mum was out for a choir practice (yes, me mum's sing! *thumbsup*).. talked abt how I'm gonna empty up my room. Didn't expect that I'm gonna finished it up by 6p.m this evening.. banyak junkies eh! Think I should grab a pix of my room so that nanti i can actually get to show u peeps the before and after pix... nanti lah after the whole renovation is done...

Dad was like.. kan lagi banyak jua brg2 dlm bilik mu ani?!?! Au yatahtubah.... 3 rooms punya junkies cramped in 1, so you guys could imagine! *lol* Found some magazines that I stacked under my bed, sempat jua looking through them all.. especially the kahwin2 section, just to look for varieties of hantaran designs and noticeably, both sides bh membagi sireh junjung ani (fyi, Malaysians mag ne ah) ... ythh got me confuse sikit but yg i observe here in Brunei, Men saja bagi.. guess different folks different practice eh?

So yeah, the Sireh Junjong...

It's actually Sireh (Betel Nut Leaves) decorated in such a way so that it looks grand and as how we'd say it, THE MOST! In the olden days, the dauh sireh is actually serve to houseguests (kira macam nowadays tani tea/coffee lh tu) In a way, it's like pembuka kata everytime tani visit our family/relatives/friends. The Sireh too has a very good significance with weddings, especially us Malays. Sireh, when munch with kapur & pinang (reminds me of the song mum used to sing, sekapor sirih seulas pinang) ada this bitter, sweet, sour & salty taste hence this resembles the life we're about to face when we're married. Ada logika jua lh ah... nda? That's why org Brunei (pihak laki) make Sireh Junjung as kepala Hantaran. Not only that it respectfully says, 'let's talk marriage...' (pembuka mulut)..but it also has an association with the lady-to-be-wed... purity of a bride (if u know what I mean).

The Betel Nut leaves are important symbol for us women. Kata the old folks, if dulu2.. should it be discovered after the wedding that a bride is in fact not a virgin, the sirih is overturned. The marriage itself was often declared invalid through such an act. That's how important honour is in the olden days... nowadays? I let you all ponder on that one.... ;)

But anyways, since nowadays nda lagi berapa byk orang suka munching on sirih & pinang ... what other uses can we do with the betel leaves after kna buat sireh junjung as hantaran? Well, here's a tip for all bride-to-bes out there.. even married women ;) Some 10 to 20 leaves are brought to a short boil. The water is then left to cool down. This water can then be used to simply wash the female genitals (works like a charm for 'reinstatement') However, more effective is to have the water in a small basin, and then to sit inside for 15 to 30 minutes...

I'm sure this is amalan orang dlu2.. but who knows it might work kan...? Mesti jdikan amalan lh baru th tau~ The leaf itself pun resembles the female vajayjay... hehehe ok, too much info there.. till nxt tym peeps.. gd night!

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