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Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Hantarans....

Right, time for reviewing checklist :
  1. Borang Nikah - sent to Mahkamah Sya'riah (under process~)
  2. Borang Kursus - on its way...
  3. Baju(s) Pengantin - OK
  4. Catering - OK..so far.. (Dad's handling it for me)
  5. Campur - Mum's, #1 and #2's to handle
  6. Room - moving out this Sunday, work commence Monday
  7. Bedset - Bought! (tpi suruh simpan dlu arh warehouse)
  8. Curtain & Carpeting - to be negotiated...
  9. Photog - confirmed
  10. Make-Up artist - confirmed
  11. Invitation cards - like i said, that'll be tomorrow...
  12. Hantarans - bought sudah.. tinggal menambah2 lgi if ada yg berkenan~ hehehe
That's half almost done *thumbsup* I have yet to consider the idea of decorating my hantarans myself (with the help of #1 and #2 ofcourse~) OR just send my stuffs for hantaran deco~ which is cheaper, perhaps?? Can anyone reckon?

I did try to buy meself a set of materials for 1 deco, macam costly kan~ I guess it depends on how you want your decorations to be... ALSO theme, the theme colour atu yg penting tu..!Once u've set the colour.. you can go for buying all the materials associated with the theme colour. Plenty to choose from but you have to get some infos on where you guys kan pinjam gangsa & lapik.

As for design, I have surfed on a few lawa-ness hantaran deco... there's just soooooo much style that you could go for, I'm like, creative jua bisdia ani!!? They either use fresh flowers, bunga stokin, bunga dip (dont knw y they called it 'dip'), crystals, gold or silver plated flowers or the basic one, bunga plastik! Hehehe :) That's just for flowers ey... in addition, you might wanna choose to use the silver / gold boxes, wooden trays, rattan boxes / baskets / trays or just merely the styling foam. Mana2 aja lh u wanna pick... :) Even me myself pun rambang mata lehnya... macam.. ntah lah! *sigh*

Here's one site that says it all, MERISIK GALLERY (Malaysiian though.. but it can give us some pointers kan?) Di Brunei, I cam across 2 local blogs specialising on hantarans so far... mayb ada lgi tpi blum kejumpahan. A few of the wedding boutiques in Brunei pun ada yg offer such services. So it's up to us. We could :

  • rent dulang & lapik then deco sendiri
  • rent dulang & lapik & accessories then deco sendiri
  • rent dulang & lapik & buy accessories and deco elsewhere
  • rent dulang & lapik & accessories + deco @ a particular shop
  • rent dulang & accessories, buy lapik and deco @ shop
  • rent dulang & accessories, buy lapik and deco sendiri ...
hmmmm now that's a lot of options... *lol* mana bisai?

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