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Sunday, 26 April 2009

talk abt preps~

Had this entry ready 2 nights ago but didn't get the chance to publish it.. nyeh, nyeh, nyeh~

I was having dinner with my parents when the story about my wedding preparation popped in. Mum was actually reminding the maid, to keep safe the daun 'pacar' yg her friend bought for her frm Mekah.. au, ytbh~ ready dh mummy ah hehehe... She said it's for my wedding nanti so I asked her, who'll be my Pengangun. She haven't actually decide who but for sure it's one of the relatives lh... *phew* Dlu my sisters bisai~ late wife my Angah sja, now she nada.. *sigh* (Al-Fatihah)

THEN I asked my parents, what exactly peranan 'pengangun' ani kan... why must there be a pengangun for pengantins? be it for men / women? Kata dorg, Pengangun ani time dlu2 for sure org yg 'berisi' / 'berilmu' that can actually prevent us pengantins from outside disturbance. Kan zaman dulu-dulu ani ada2 saja org kn mengacau, especially th klu yg berdendam2 ani..over the top tu ilmu mengacau ah~ SO yeah, pengangun ani kira penjaga KHAS for Pengantin lah... That explains why they're very strict sometimes... kuat th ilmunya tu!

Oh yes, why female? I also forgot to ask... my wild guess would be, bini2 saja yg hold that 'ilmu' no? Just a guess.. hehehe maybe you all can find that one out for me..

THEN mummy asked me about my bajus... hoodear, siap sudah / belum?? She's doing a follow-up ni..more like bertanya lh jua cos she doesn't know how exactly me buat my baju(s) *lol* yes, yes.. I didn't tell dearest mummy. such a meanie... but anyways, I did explain to her briefly on how my bajus will look like... ksian jua kn, tau lah mums...always wanting to know these things~
  • nikah attire - lace but simple baju kurung
  • berbedak - chiffon fashion moder, just plain at least bleh pakai lgi hehe
  • bersanding - fully songket
  • muleh 7 - lace (of which i bought on sale and was rather cheap inclusive with satin lining, and satin for the men as well...)
Cool eh? How I come up with the designs.. I basically read through lots and lots and lots of magazines, and surfed through the internet...

the collar design is suitable for baju berbedak with our traditional Brunei attire, although I think the hand shouldn't be THAT lebar..

this fashion is suitable for nikah and even sanding for reception OR ambil2an

I personally like this one.. simple saja and nice... should've made this design sja haritu and plaay with the accessories to make the nikah attire seems grand.. but *sigh* nevermind... kamu saja yg blum buat ah~

I like this blue dress as well, if the collar is cheong-sam like..bleh jdi my bju berbedak ni! *lol*

You all may look at these sites as well : Amy Bridal, Rinsuzanna Collection and Butik Man Kajang (arah gallery - wedding fashion) Laawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Cnfirm plg rambang mata meliat... I know I was~ *lol*

As for MEN, siuk bah dorang ani.. they can either go for Songket Baju Melayu or those one yg with outside coat atu. Main attraction would be HOW THE SINJANG kna ikat and HOW the DASTAR kna lipat, takes a lot of 'seni' / creativity for that.

I do noticed that there are varieties of designs being used by the Grooms..yth mesti padan dgn shape muka apa jua tu. Not forgetting the Keris, Brooches for the Dastar AND other accessories.. (my dear fiancé pun I adviced pasal certain lipatan Dastar designs.. unless padan dgn mukanya lh, we'll have to wait till our baju sanding fitting session nanti.. insya-Allah, end of June ;) )

I know my mum tau plang cana melipat dastar ani cos she's done it so many tymes with my cousins tpi nada gambar.. tau lah, zaman kiteorg kecil2 dlu~ But do have a look through to all the gmbr pengantin arh our photogs webbie.. macam2! Or if ada gmbr2 dlm Dirgahayu.. mcm2 tu Dastar our Cheterias and ofcourse, I like His Majesty's ones. Soooo... what's the word, REGAL!

Creative jua orang Melayu ani ah~ It's amazing how they can have such creativities atu bh... until nxt time dearies~

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