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Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I was busy spring cleaning my office room yesterday with my staff when this very thought / idea came into my head. Macam... hmmmm~

I was thinking kan buat saja my invitation card here in Brunei rather than keluar g k KL bh.. for sure mbayar excess apa lgi tu, knowing I'm with my sister and yes, Mummy! So prolly, as discussed at AkadNikah.Com, mesti th scouting the places ni~ This would be the plans for Friday.. :) :) :) Being a helper for that site's chatbox really helps and I do get some pointers even.. so yah! My stops would most definitely be @
  1. Ezy Printing, Jerudong
  2. Nyuk Lian, Kiarong (they say it's near Fleur De Lyss)
  3. JL, Menglait (sebarang Michelin... might go there since dear fiancé is servicing his car there this Friday)
  4. the shop sebaris Ong marble (Beribi)
Hopefully ada yg berkenan nanti lah ah.. Dad adviced me not to go jua cos need to settle some stuffs here lgi~ *sigh*

Will update more soon...

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