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Saturday, 11 April 2009


I've been getting +ive feedback regarding the last info I posted up. I too was really surprised about it, tpi ndakan nda mo pecaya kan.. cos it's our very own Mufti's sayings. If ada orang still mau bepacar, well, it's their own risk. Apanya org Brunei... sendiri tanggung~

Moving on to my new entry, well.. it was yesterday's story plang ne ah... hehehe

Got ourselves a place to custom our hantarans/dulang2an.. *thumbsup* well, me I just book the slot lh as for design creations blum lagi *lol* advance plang dear fiancé tu.. siap dengan mau exactly sama macam bedisplay arh the shop tia jua lagi~ aiseyyyy~~ hehehehe :P :P :P BUYUK! nadabah... at least he's got nothing to worry of lgi, except yeah some minor arrangements and fitting our bajus and distribution of invitation cards once its done nanti ;) I've to be my own secretary in this area pasalnya like I've said in my previous entry, past weddings pun myself jua tukang taip .. hehehe ani basically updating...

Oh yes, something about hantaran ani, I'm sure most of you are interested to know apa2 saja kan dibagi for hantarans. Nowadays it's a trend but NOT a must to give a set of men's working attire, shoes, perfumes, baju melayu& sinjang.. for women, vice versa lah tu ah~ and then there's this thing about numbers of dulangs to give to your partners respectively.

From what I've been told, "I've been TOLD ok.." and has always been practised.. no. of dulang mesti GANJIL min. 7 dulangs (meaning... 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 etc, etc, etc) AND d bride *coughs* mesti bgi more than the guy... girls~~ apa lagi.. a good reason to go SHOPPIIINNNGGGG!!!!! *winks* better not constrain ur budget on these jua lh ah~ back to Khutbah the other day, pandai2 control budget masing2.. :) :) :)

Aaaaaannyways, I better stop here dulu.. will definitely post something pasaL 'SIRIH JUNJUNG' nanti ;)

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