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Monday, 13 April 2009

additional info

Salam all, I forgot to add this one into my previous entry... actually, when a Hantaran set is inclusive of the 'Al-Quran' . The Sirih WONT act as Kepala Hantaran, it MUST be the Qur'an. We all should know that... bedusa karang~

Thank to NaMe for pointing that one out... :) :)

Priority list should be :
  1. Al-Quran (mau jua ur other half membaca kan..)
  2. Sirih Junjung
  3. Kain Jongsarat
  4. Mas Kahwin
  5. Belanja Hangus / Wang Hantaran
  6. Other hantaran gifts
Kalau dulu2 and as still practiced by some, hantaran ani kna bagi time tunang plg ni~ but nowadays byk org combinekn with Nikah... Tunang atu kira just "booking" the girl awal2 lah.Have to be informed to all, that once tani tunangan orang... HARAM th orang lain kan meminang tani tu ah (yes, yes that's y mums nda mo keep it a secret~) hence my next entry will be... hmmmm, reverse sikit lah ah, entry for Men... "Meminang & Bertunang" should've posted this one up before I posted Rukun Nikah last time.. nvrmd~

N/B : If any of yous have any infos for this blog, feel free to leave me a word or two...

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